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Hydraulic Torque Wrench (Square Drive)
NSW 02 4966 1007 ~ QLD 0431 700 198 ~ WA 0488 595 950 ~ SA 08 8271 3533

The square drive hydraulic torque wrenches offer multiple Torque solutions for threaded fasteners. Hydraulic torque wrenches are the market leaders for Power, Access, Weight, Usability, Features, Reliability & Price. Highest power to weight of any tool. Hydraulic Torque Wrench tools also offer powerful nut loosening solutions. The Square Drive Hydraulic torque wrenches can be used with impact sockets or in hex drivers. A Serious HEAVY INDUSTRY Torque Tool.

Torque WrenchesHydraulic Torque Wrenches are designed to be the smallest, lightest and most powerful Hydraulic torque wrenches for use with Impact Sockets. Hydraulic Torque wrenches are popular in Mining, Petrochemical, Locomotive, Engineering, Construction and more. These hydraulic tools offer simple solutions for challenging environments. The Australian Market needs good products. Australia has minerals to export, power to generate and maintenance running 24/7. Hydraulic Torque Wrenches will save you time and money.

The Square series offers 9 models ranging in size from 55 to 52,500 Ft Lbs. Hydraulic torque tools have become the answer in mining, petrochemical, power generation and construction to ensure correct bolt torque. Applying correct torque ensures reliability and reduces downtime.

There are two types of Hydraulic Torque wrenches. The Square Drive Hydraulic torque wrench, and the Hex cassette Hydraulic torque wrenches. These tools have become very popular in Australia due to their reliability and quality. Distributors and Service centers Australia wide offering local service repair and calibration. PDF Square Drive Hydraulic Wrench

Not just a torque tool ... Torque solutions.
" You can just tell, when you have found Hydraulic Torque Wrench Specialists "

Komatsu Dozer Video high Torque Excavator Video D11dozer High Torque Video Komatsu Hightorque Video
Dozer High Torque Video Excavator Torque tool D11 Torque tool komatsu Torque tool
Komatsu Dozer High Torque Video Komatsu Excavator Torque Video Caterpillar D11 Dozer High Torque Komatsu 830E Dump Truck Video

Square Drive Tools
Part No Model Square
Torque - Ft Lbs Torque - NM Accuracy
+ or -
91062 SQ-1 3/4" 134 - 1344 183 - 1837 3% 2.5
91064 SQ-3 1" 328 - 3278 451 - 4512 3% 5
91066 SQ-5 1-1/2" 547 - 5470 752 - 7528 3% 8
91068 SQ-8 1-1/2" 783 - 7831 1078 - 10,780 3% 11
91070 SQ-10 1-1/2" 1127 - 11,272 1551 - 15,516 3% 15
91072 SQ-20 2-1/2" 1937 - 19,370 2666 - 26,664 3% 26
91074 SQ-25 2-1/2" 2523 - 25,226 3472 - 34,725 3% 35
91076 SQ-35 2-1/2" 3535 - 35,354 4866 - 48,666 3% 50
91078 SQ-50 2-1/2" 5230 - 52,300 7200 - 72,000 3% 87
Wren offer High Torque wrenches IBT Square Drive series from 130 - 52,000 Ft Lbs. Hydraulic Torque Wrenches offer powerful solutions due to their size, weight and pow
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Accessories - ALCO Reaction Arms
alco reaction arm rt 90655 SQ-1 21" 3kg
90657 SQ-3 21"  
90658 SQ-5 21"  
90660 SQ-8 21"  
90662 SQ-10 21"  
Alco Reaction Arms increase reaction options when using the these tools. The Alco arms or "baseball bats" allow the operator to locate an alterative push off point, or reaction point. This may be required if no near by options are available. The arm clips onto the rear of the wrench after removing the standard reaction arm. Change over is simple and only takes seconds.

Accessories - DEEP Reaction Arms
deep reaction arm RT

DEEP REACTION ARMS - Deep Reaction arms offer solutions by moving the reaction further away from the tool. This arm is ideal for getting around webbing near bolting

Hydraulic Wrench Pumps

Hydraulic Wrench Pumps

Electric over Hydraulic


Power Source: 220 / 240 Volt Single Phase 50Hz
Valve: 4 Way
Sump Capacity: 10 Liters / 1 gallon
Remote Control: 3 Meter lead
Weight: 29.4kg
Frame: 20mm steel tube - Free
Motor: 1-1/8 hp
Oil Flow Rate: 11.3 Liters Minute
Pressure Gauge: 4" Liquid Filled
Oil Level / Temp: Sight Glass
Regulator: 1,500 - 10,000 psi
Safety Relief: 10,000 psi / 700 Bar
Hydraulic Test Tag: Supplied
Noise Level: 89-90db
Manufacture Origin: USA
Part Number: 22450
This pump is the ultimate Electric over hydraulic Torque wrench Pump. Proven, Reliable and Fast.  Auto retract and auto low pressure dump. TJ Tools are the OEM Direct Authorized suppliers and repair centers for these Hi Torque pumps.  These pumps dominate all over the world.

Click For video on Electric Hydraulic Pumps.

Hydraulic Wrench Pumps

Air over Hydraulic


Power Source: AIR 35-50 cfm @ 90 psi
Valve: 4 Way
Sump Capacity: 10 Liters / 1 gallon
Remote Control: 3 Meter lead
Weight: 29.4kg
Frame: 24mm steel tube - Free
Motor: 3 hp
Oil Flow Rate: 7.3 Liters Minute
Pressure Gauge: 4" Liquid Filled
Oil Level / Temp: Sight Glass
Regulator: 1,500 - 10,000 psi
Safety Relief: 10,000 psi / 700 Bar
Hydraulic Test Tag: Supplied
Noise Level: 89-90db
Manufacture Origin: USA
Part No: 22500
This pump is the ultimate Air over hydraulic Torque Wrenches Pump. Ideal in wet areas or high risk ignition environments. No hot work clearance needed. Proven, Reliable and Fast.  Auto retract and auto low pressure dump. TJ Tools are the OEM Direct.  These pumps dominate all over the world.

Click for video on Air operated hydraulic pumps.

Hydraulic Torque Wrench Hose Set - Twin Line

ID: 1/4"
Couplers: 1/4" Screw Connection ( Ball Type )
Rating: 4:1
Working Pressure: 10,000 psi ( 700 Bar )
Burst Pressure: 40,000 psi ( 2800 Bar )
Construction: Steel Braid
Length: ( 5m- Part Number 32875 ) ( 7.5m - 32890 ) ( 10m- 32895 )
( 15m - 32900 )

Hoses are supplied ready to go. Tagged, tested, all fittings and couplers. High viability, flexible, tough. Read More

Torque Wrenches

PACKAGE OPTIONS: The square drive Hydraulic Torque Wrenches can be operated from several pump options. You can choose the popular 240 Volt single phase pump, or the Air over Hydraulic Unit. The pneumatic unit may be better suited to wet areas or apply to no spark environments. Also available are the sturdy lightweight checker aluminum lockable shipping containers. 

You can lock up the hose set, Impact Sockets, Torque Charts, Instruction manuals, MDS, Risk Assessment Etc. These are great to keep everything together and dry. Hose sets can be requested in several lengths depending on your requirements. They can be either Non Conductive or steel braid. We supply all new tooling with Calibration Certificates, Hydraulic Test Tags and Electrical tags.

In Field Applications

Also known as Baseball Bats for Hi Torque wrenches. These arms offer more reaction options for Hydraulic Torque Wrenches. In some cases you may have no reaction point with the standard arm. The Alco arm will help get you out of trouble. They are available for Square Drive & Hex Cassette Wrenches. TJ Tools have these on stock for most models. Reaction Arms come in many sizes for Hydraulic Multipliers. Constructed from high grade Aluminum these reaction arms are strong and light weight. To attach simply clip off the existing reaction arm and replace with the Alco arm. It is done in seconds. The Alco arm is retained by the same clip the standard arm uses.
Hitachi RT-3 Tools Video

Hitachi Workshop Adelaide - Video

See Video of a Hydraulic Torque wrench torqing up track bolts.

The tracks are of a EX 1900-6 and were torqued up to 2,800 Ft Lbs. The SQDR-3 tool has a maximum torque of 3,230 Ft Lbs and is 1" Square Drive. The pump is our PE-55 240 Volt unit. - Enjoy

( Many Thanks to Brett Kennett too ! )

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Torque Wrenches

RING SPANNER TOOLS - The Low tools use Hex Cassette Ratchet Links for applications requiring low clearance or long studs. They are ideal for Ludo / Malco Honert, FL Smidth , Schenck, Aury screens Mechs, Slu Rings, Exchangers, Hex Key, Foundation Bolts etc ...  They use Interchangeable Cassettes for different Hex sizes. These cassettes change over in seconds.

These tools are popular in Petrochemical plants where exchangers and vessels use long studs. Often clearance around pipe work may be limited which makes these tools ideal. Another application is adjusting all thread screws that have long thread over-hang. The Hex Cassette tool also can have Alco Extension Reaction Arms fitted to further enhance reaction options. These tools are also your best option for driving Hex Key. They reduce side loading by driving inline with the cap screw.

Torque Wrenches

Field Examples Hydraulic Torque Wrenches Square Drive Hydraulic torque Tools are designed for heavy Industry. These tools are for use with Impact Sockets or Hex Key. This tool is ideal for general Impact Socket Torque applications requiring high torque. These tools are powerful, lightweight and compact.

We offer solutions for accessing tight places where torque Multipliers & Nut Runners are too big and heavy.  These tools are fully featured. The reaction arm is fully adjustable to allow short and long sockets. These tools use materials and designs which are proven in the field. The hose swivel adjusts Vertically and Horizontally to ensure the safest hose position. The tool will also ratchet without being held.

Used mostly by the coal processing industry. These units break up over size coal. Inside the Bradfords is a rotating drum made up from steel segments plates. Holes in the plates segments have a cheese grater effect as material passes through the drum.

These segments are normally bolted together via an eye beam type channels. The bolts are usually 1-1/8 with a 46mm a/f nut. Torque is around 1200 Ft Lbs. During maintenance the segments are replaced due to wear.
The hydraulic torque wrench is the ideal tool for this job. The bolts are inside the channel or I beam and gaining access with standard tooling was not possible. Previous methods involved using a rattle gun and extension bar and uni joint. This resulted in no torque control and hazardous, due to noise and vibration.

By using the 'SQDR-3' they are have seen a 95% improvement in bolts remaining tight. This is simply the result of applying the correct torque. The 3 model is basically a hands free operation and delivers torque accuracy to with in 3%

PROCESSING PLANTS CPP: Hydraulic Torque Wrenches play a large part of this industry. We have sold Hydraulic Torque Wrenches for applications like Jaw Crushers, Sizers, Cyclone feeders, Cone Crushers Bradford Breakers, Jacques Abon Slavarda Wear Plates and Frame Bolts, Crushing Coal Prep Plants ccp.

Our tools apply accurate torque to ensure correct bolt load is applied in a safer way. Processing plant experiences constant and server vibration. Bolted joints need to be correctly torqued to ensure reliability.

DOZER D9 D10 D11 375 475 TORQUE MULTIPLIERS - We offer several torque tool models for dozer bolting. These include: Track master link bolts, Grouser Plate bolts, Sprocket bolts, Final Drive , Load Rollers, Frame and housing bolts, hub & front struts.

Caterpillar Hydraulic Torque wrench for Dozer blade bolts, pedestal mounts are other classic applications for these torque tools.

Komatsu Dozer torque wrenches needs to be tough and reliable. Avoid Improvising or swinging from unsafe tooling These tools can do the work for you. High Torque tools makes this job easy.

Torque Wrenches

Bolting applications on this type of equipment often involves tight access. Underground plant is compact which means tight access for bolting. Often bolting is grade 12 cap screws which means high torques. Cap screws on cutter blades are no challenge for Hydraulic Torque Wrenches. Other areas are Frame bolts, rear axle bolts, tracks and blade bolts.

Square Drive hydraulic torque wrenches provide accurate torque and safer working conditions. Torque wrenches are lightweight, powerful and compact. Companies like DBT & VA Emico / Voest Alpine / Sandvik choose our brands. Underground Longwall and Joy AFC Flight bars are also common applications. You can tell when your talking to torque specialists 

MINING - The Hydraulic Torque Wrench provides +/- 3% torque accuracy with a 1% repeatability. Nothing competes with the Hydraulic Torque Wrench for size, Weight, Power to weight, torque accuracy and strength. We invite your company to join many others and enjoy the benefits of Hydraulic Tools. Our tools are used by the following Mining related companies in our region.

Caterpillar, Hitachi, Komatsu, Ludowicic, Metso, Le tourno, Terex, P&H, Emico, DBT, Liebherr, Schenck, Birrana. If you company needs solutions email us or send a photo of your application and chances are we have already solved it before Contact Us Mining companies like Rio Tinto BHP and Barrick have been using TJ Tools for years. More on mining tools

Torque Wrenches

HYDRAULIC TORQUE WRENCHES FOR MINING Above Ground -  In the last 15 Years mining has embraced the benefits of Hydraulic tooling. Mining machinery uses high torques on high grade bolts often in tight access areas. The Hydraulic Wrench is the perfect solution. They are powerful, Small, Lightweight, Accurate , Tough and robust, and easy to use.

Hydraulic Torque Wrenches have provided hundred of solutions for mining Industry. Hydraulic Wrenches has solved un-doing problems, access problems, and tool longevity issues in a harsh environments. Correct torque on heavy machinery is critical to ensure reliability.

Torque Wrenches

SPROCKET SEGMENT FINAL DRIVE BOLTS DOZERS:  Torque requirements for these bolts are from 500 to 2,500 Ft lbs. Access is often tight requiring hydraulic tooling be used. Hydraulic torque tools are available for  Hitachi, Liebherr, Caterpillar, Komatsu, Terex, P&H Volvo, Le Tourneau , DBT Voest Alpine, Bucyrus, DBT, Torque tools cover Dump Trucks, Excavators, Draglines,, Suspension frames, Engine mounts, Center pin bearings, Blade bolts wear plate bolts, Wheel nuts, Counter weight bolts, slu ring bolts, End covers. 

Mining Industries currently using Hydraulic Wrenches include Gold, Coal, Cooper, Diamond, Iron Ore, Uranium, Sand, Quarries etc.... Above and below ground.

Torque Wrenches

TRACKS MASTER LINK BOLTS CATERPILLAR Hydraulic Torque Wrenches make Master Link and Grozer Plate dozer Tracks easy work. Westrac, Hastings Deering, Komatsu all use Cat Multipliers or Torque wrenches for these bolts. Some manufactures use Torque Bolt rotation in degrees and others use torque. Hightorcs make Track bolts change outs easy. Eyre and Smith  (Track Rebuild Specialists ) also recommend our tools during Dozer Track rebuilds. Track bolts experience all types of environments and loads.
Loosening bolts to replace grozers can be a challenge. Corrosion, dirt and water ensures these bolts are tight. Ether the Square Drive-3 or the Square Drive-5 best suits this job. These tools are light, small and fast. Operating the tool is a breeze. Just set the torque to maximum and cycle the tool until bolts are loose.

HEAVY INDUSTRY TORQUE TOOLS - Torque tools are designed to work in all areas of industry. Plastic Injection. Petrochemical, Mining, Rail, Quarries, Tower Cranes, Power Stations and more.

These tools will improve safety, Time frames, and Bolt tension reliability.


WHEELS DUMP TRUCKS TORQUE TOOLS - Truck wheels nuts need correct torque. No longer should Rattle guns be used on this critical application.


CATAPELLER CYLINDERS - End cap or gland bolts on Hydraulic Cylinders are no challenge for the 'SQDR-3' Tool. The 'SQDR-3' is 1" drive with up to 3,200 Ft lbs torque. These tools also offer valuable un-doing power as well.

These bolts are often tight. These tools improve safety and provide correct torque on assembly.

KOMATSU 475 - We find the 'SQDR-5' tool suits 475 master link bolts best. This tool is 1-1/2" square drive with up to 5,400 Ft Lbs torque.

We find the 'SQDR-5' is ideal when un-doing when additional power is required. This tool only weighs 7.5kg with the reaction are fitted. This makes 475 track change outs faster, safer and with correct re torque.

IMPACT SOCKETS TJ Tools now carry a Hugh range Of Impact Sockets for Heavy Industry. How many times have you been held up because you don't have the right size ? Torque Sockets or Power Sockets should be used on any torque tooling. TJ carry 6 Point 12 point, Standard, Deep / Long Reducers Extensions, Uni Joints In Hex, Inserts , hex Key.
We carry from 3/4" af up to 8" a/f. Impact Socket Page We understand when you need a socket its holding up maintenance. Impact Sockets can be used on Impact Guns, Pneumatic Nut Runners, Hydraulic Torque Wrenches.
TJ Tools has been supplying our Impact Sockets to heavy Industry now for 18 years. We are also Distributors for ABW Stanley sockets, Nitto and Memento.


THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS ... We haven't compromised Quality or Features. The Fact remains - Hydraulic Wrenches need Reaction Pawls, 360 degree Hydraulic Hose Swivels & Push Release Drive retainers to optimize Safety, Usability & Reliability.

We offer tooling which allows the  reaction arm to be positioned Horizontally & Vertically. This allows adjustments for long and short sockets. This also increases options when reacting against curved or uneven surfaces. The hydraulic torque wrench is not limited to being used in line with the socket. The Reaction arm can be rotated through 90° to change the reaction options. Fine Arm Rotation of 6° permits critical adjustments. This feature is a must to utilize the tools effectively & Optimize safety. After releasing the arm safety catch, the arm simply slides off the back of the tool. This system also permits easy, fast, attachments of longer Alco arms to increase reaction options.


When choosing a Hydraulic wrench, this feature should not be overlooked. We provide this feature to ensure longevity of the arm foot, and better grip on push off points. This is a must to avoid damage to the end of the arm.

This is a must. The Hydraulic Hose swivel allows you to rotate the hoses Horizontally or Vertically, away from danger. Safety is optimized. This feature is proven and simply makes the tool a pleasure to use. After using this feature, nothing will compare. 

Tthe clamp is located at the rear of the arm to protect it from damage. This allows fast, easy removal of the arm to fit longer arms.

All wrenches incorporate this feature. The assurance pawl locks in behind each tooth of the ratchet as it rotates. This ensures the tool will ratchet without being held. The lever on the side of the tool is an over-ride if required. We have listened to other manufacturers argue reaction pawls are not required. You will note more are now incorporating it.

The square drive is retained via a Push in button retainer. This has proven to be safe & fast for changing the square drive from Loosening to Tightening. 

This has been debated by manufactures for years. Coarse Or Fine Teeth? We have 20 years of in- field experience with this one. Using coarse, or widely spread teeth, simply decreases the chance of mis-engagement. In Hydraulic Wenches the teeth re-engage every stroke of the tool at high force! Fine teeth simply invite failure. They only have to collect a small amount of grit or a fillings from a chipped teeth and they loose there depth of tooth. This means less engagement area and failure follows. A coarse tooth gear is the answer. We also use reaction pawls to ensure a 100% ratchet rotation from each piston extension.

Companies need reliability. People prefer brands they can rely on. The wrenches we offer are tough, lightweight & designed for serious heavy industry users.

Avoid the pitfalls when choosing your tooling. We have many thousands of satisfied clients world wide. We look for

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