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Hire & Sales - Torque, Porta Power, Impact

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Petrochemical Oil & Gas Torque Charts - Hydraulic Hire High Torque
Mining - Open Cut Torque Charts - RAD Calibration
Tower Cranes Torque Values - Fasteners Photo Gallery
Earth Moving Equipment Spare Parts - Pumps Video Gallery
Power Stations Spare Parts - High Torques V8 Petrol Head Page
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HUCK Guns Hy Torque Sq Drv Hex Cassette Impact Guns Porta Power Nut Runners Impact Sockets

High torque square drive square drive 4 Port Hoses
SQUARE DRIVE - Hydraulic
Ultimate power to weight. Small, Accurate, Versatile, Popular,Tough & Reliable
3/4" Drive, 130 - 1,340 Ft Lbs ( 180 - 1,840 NM )
1" Drive, 330 - 3,280 Ft Lbs ( 450 - 4,510 NM )
1-1/2" Drive, 550 - 5,470 Ft Lbs ( 750 - 7,530 NM )
1-1/2" 1,130 - 11,270 Ft Lbs ( 1,550 - 15,516 NM )
2-1/2" Drive - 2,520 - 25,220 Ft Lbs )
PUMPS - Hydraulic Torque Wrenches - 240 Volt or Air powered. Light, Remote control, Fast, 1, 2 or 4 port HOSE SETS - High Torque
10k Twinline, Couplers, 4:1, Hose guards.
Flexible, Test Tagged.

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High Torque Transport Container
HEX CASSETTE / Ring Spanner Hydraulic Torque Tools. Low clearance, long studs, hand free. 5 Tool sizes 2 XLCT - 170 - 1,690 Ft Lbs ( 230 - 2,290 NM )
4 XLCT - 430 - 4,260 Ft Lbs ( 580 - 5,770 NM )
8 XLCT - 795 - 7,950 Ft Lbs ( 1,080 - 10,775 )
14 XLCT - 1,346 - 13,460 Ft Lbs ( 1,825 - 18,240 NM )
30 XLCT - 3,045 - 30,525 Ft Lbs ( 4,125 - 41,240 NM )
Petrochemical, CPP Mining, Plastic Injection, Tower Cranes, Earthmoving, Quarries, Wind Generation Shipping / Storage Aluminum or Plastic.
Pump, hose , tool,
sockets, torque charts


Pneumatic Torque Nut Runners
rad pneumatic rad 34gx ball mills rad 50 radcat
Torque Nut Runners
( 50 To 8,500 Ft Lbs )
Fast, No Impacting, Accurate. Air, 240 Volt or Battery Powered.
Nose Extension Kit - Unit supplied with 12" or 18" extension with addition reaction arms. Mining - Dump Trucks Wheels, Inner & outer wheels, Rimex, Shovels, Drag Lines. Caterpillar, Komatsu. Ball and Sag mills Liner bolts, Girth Gear, Trunion ends, Shell bolts Tracks bolts, Dozers D9,10,11, Komatsu 375, 475 Frame bolts,

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Hand Torque Wrenches & Multipliers
torque Multiplier Torque Multipliers
Hand Torque Wrenches From 70 - 1,000 Ft Lbs. Easy to use,
light weight, Industrial strength and reliability
Hand Torque Multiplier:
5:1 , 3/4" in 1" out.
100 To 2,000 Ft lbs .
Hand Torque Multipliers
50 - 8,500 Ft Lbs
Torque Calibration
Equipment to
25,000 Ft Lbs

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Ram Pump Wrenches
Hydraulic Jacking Rams
5 - 1,000 Tons. Single & Double acting. Hollow, Aluminum, Pancake..
Hydraulic Pumps - Hand double and single acting, gauges, hoses, 6 sizes Hydraulic Pumps - To suit jacking cylinders 240 volt, Air, Single & Double acting, remotes, foot. Hydraulic Torque Wrench pumps ( 240 Volt or Air Driven ) Hydraulic Spreaders, lifting, Jacking, Pressing, Pushing

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6 Point Impact Sockets for High Torque or Impact. 3/4, 1", 1-1/2", 2-1/2" Sq Drive. Metric & Imp. Deep & Std Point 3/4 To 8" a/f 6 Point DEEP Impact Sockets for High Torque or Impact. 3/4, 1", 1-1/2" Sq Drive. Metric & Imp.
3/4 To 4-3/4" a/f
12 Point Impact Sockets for High Torque or Impact. 3/4, 1", 1-1/2" Drive. Metric & Imp. upto 6" a/f, Deep & Standard length INHEX Hex Drivers for driving unbrako 12.9 Cap heads screws
Reducer Top Hat Impact socket sets
Hex insert Reducers for hex cassette XLCT tools Reducers or adaptors Step up and down Sq Drive Insert Reducers - Top hat Socket Sets

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Ingersile Rand
Impact Gun 3/4" 1" drive Impact Gun 6" Anvil
Pistol Grip 3/4" Drv Impact Wrench "D" Handle 1" Drive "D" Handle 1-1/2" Drive - 5000 Ft Lbs 6" Anvil

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hydraulic torque wrenchHydraulic Torque Wrench - Square Drive

Hydraulic Torque Wrench tools are designed for impact sockets and in- hex drivers. Square drive Hydraulic torque wrench sizes come in 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1-1/2", 2-1/2". We have on offer 8 tool sizes to choose from with a torque range from 200 - 48,000 Ft Lbs (300 - 60,000 nm)

Hydraulic torque tools dominate in industrial environments. They offer the best power to weight and torque accuracy of any torque tooling. These tools are powerful, lightweight compact and designed for heavy duty.
Hydraulic Torque Wrenches & hydraulic torque multipliers are ideal for turbines, excavators, exchangers, pumps, compressors, drag lines, vessels, flanges, dozers, dump trucks, plastic injection, ball mills etc. Hi Torques for Caterpillar Torque Multipliers, Caterpillar Torque Tools, LeTorneau, Komatsu, Liebherr, Terex, O&K, P&H, Hitachi.

Square Drive Tool
TJ ToolsHydraulic Torque Wrenches - Hex Cassette

Hex Cassette Hydraulic Torque Multipliers are the solution for long studs and tight access. Hex Cassette Link tools offer a/f sizes from 20 to 165 a/f.
Torque Range from 255 - 31,800 Ft Lbs

Hydraulic Hex cassette wrenches are ideal for pipe flanges, slu rings or any application where over head space is limited. The Hex Cassette tools are also perfect for driving hex key to decrease side loading.
Hex Cassette tools have size weight and torque accuracy advantages over conventional torque tools. Heavy industry rely on quality ring spanner style tooling. Torque charts are used to set the tools output. All tools come with a Torque calibration certificate. Hydraulic torque multipliers are used in mines, power stations, petrochemical etc

Hex Link Cassette Wrenches - See Video
TJ ToolsPneumatic Nut Runners - Hire

50 to 8000 FT Lbs Llarge range of Air Nut Runners to improve torque speed. Torque accuracy + or - 5% repeatability. Air torque tools are popular in Mining, Petrochemical and Earth Moving. Mill liner bolts and flight bars are another areas where speed and torque are required. You can also hire Norbar & RAD nut runners. Pneumatic nutrunners are used processing plants for liner bolts on mills, crushers wear plate bolts, mill liner bolts, trunnion bolts, foundation bolts,etc.

Nut Runners Torque tools are available for hire sale and lease. Nut Runner Torque tools speed up assembly and disassembly times. The RAD Pneumatic torque Wrench offers up to 88 times less vibration than rattle guns making OH&S justification easy. The RAD tools use either shop air, batteries or 240 Volt.

pumpsHydraulic Pumps - High Torque, Huck, Porta Power

Hydraulic Torque Wrench Pumps for heavy industry. These units operate up to 10,000 psi driven by air or 240 volt. TJ Tools have been servicing and selling these pumps for 20 years. You can hire high torque pumps or purchase.

These 10,000psi pumps can be set up for Hydraulic Torque Tools, Porta Power Rams or Huckguns. TJ Tools are the authorized repair centers for these specialists pumps. These hydraulic power packs will run from 3/4" up to 2-1/2" drive hydraulic heads. 4 port or 2 port pumps available. Hi torque pumps by Power Team are fast and powerful.

Hose Sets - Wrench Pumps - See Video
powerteamHydraulic Porta Power Jacking Rams

TJ Tools are authorized Powerteam distributors and repair centers for Powerteam rams cylinders jacks pumps crimpers presses foot Pumps Jacking Cylinders. You can also Hire Porta Power. We offer Hire Hydraulic cylinders in many sizes. Pressing tools and hydraulic tools operate at 10.000 psi and quality is important. Porta Power cylinders and Porta Power rams are available in single or double acting systems.

TJ Tools can offer all your high force tool needs. Power Team is now leading the industry. Hydraulic workshop presses nut splitters pancake rams Hollow jacks center hole rams hoses hydraulic fittings pressure gauges valves squat cylinders 5 to 500 tons force. lifting pulling jacking.

Power Team - See Video
impact socketsImpact Sockets - High Torque & Impact Tools

High Torque Sockets & impact guns. 9001/2000 Australian approved and recommended  for high torque applications. Torque sockets come in 6 & 12 point standard and deep. They can be used on impact guns, torque multipliers, pneumatic nut runners, PT & RAD & Hydraulic Torque Tools. Hire impact sockets are also available.

We specialize in BIG impact sockets up to 8" a/f . Impact accessories include extension bars, reducers, adaptors and uni joints, In Hex, 12 Point, Impact Socket sets. Large power sockets from 1/2" up to 2-1/2" square drive.  We carry a big range of LARGE IMPACT SOCKETS on stock in Australia. "Torque Sockets" should be used on high torque applications. Avoid compromis.

Impact Sockets


Torque Wrenches - Hand

Hand Torque Wrenches are available for light industry to suit assembly applications. Tension wrenches are available from 20 to 1,000 Ft Lbs. Square drives in 1/2", 3/4" and 1" hand torque wrench use ratchets for ease of operation. Tools have both Ft Lbs and NM scales. To archive higher torque output you can operate hand wrenches through torque multipliers. 

Torque Multipliers - Hand

Torque Multipliers can offer great budget torque solutions. Gearboxes ratios are used to achieve torque multiplication. Torque multipliers improve access, power and accuracy. Hire torque multiplier tools are also available. Ratios of:  5:1, 12:1, 15:1, 25:1 and more. Using a hand torque wrench, if you apply a torque input through a torque multiplier and archive a increased output. Multipliers are ideal for tight areas where hand torque tools can not access.  Caterpillar torque multipliers come in hand, hydraulic & air driven.


TJ Tools HIRE fleet offer one of the largest ranges of torque Porta Power and impact in Australia. Our hire fleet has Enerpac Sweeney Torcup Boltteck Christy Oz Wrench Plarad Titan and Hire Hytorc Hydraulic Torque Wrenches. When you hire hydraulic torque wrenches we have also available impact sockets. We offer hire RAD Pneumatic Nut Runners, and you can Hire Air Nut Runners. We also have Warren and Brown Selson torque multipliers Huckguns Power team Caterpillar multipliers Simplex Momento impact sockets Sidchrome Snap on Torque Multipliers Torque Wrenches and Cat torque multipliers.

TJ Tools also hire HUCK TOOLS and Huckguns as used by Metso Minerals, Schenck & Malco Honert Screens. Our hire Enerpac Porta Power and jacking rams come in many sizes. Caterpillar torque multipliers for repair & hire. Malco Honert unbalanced motor to beam bolts, hydraulic torque tools unbalanced motor bolts, Metso Minerals unbalanced motor to beam bolts mechanisms, CPP wear plates, stringer beams, screens, beam bolts, Ludowici mechanisms torque tools, Schenck unbalanced motor to beam bolts torque tools. We offer hire & sales of hy torque parts Porta Power & large impact sockets for shutdowns, plant outages, rebuilds, assemblies, maintenance days, and more. Companies like Incitec, Shell, Caltex, Macquarie Power, Rio Tinto, Bluescope / BHP, Delta Electricity hire pneumatic nut runners for shutdowns work. Our hire fleet has Rad & impact guns for hire. We also have tension wrenches, hire hi torque parts & impact guns & rattle guns for hire.If you need to hire hy torque units we have impact sockets also for hire. TJ Tools hire torque multipliers to. You can hire Enerpac Porta Power jacking cylinders rams and hydraulic lifting cylinders and hydraulic jacks. You can hire hydraulic torque multipliers also in ring spanner hex cassettes. Impact sockets, large and small come in 3/4", 1",1-1/2", 2-1/2 - Hire in the Pilbara

Frequently Asked Questions

Which method is right for us? Torque tension huck rivets hydraulic nuts Kn Force Ft Lbs NM PSI KPA Load bolt elongation bolt stretch nut rotation by degrees or bolt yield. Why use torque? Should we just use hire impact guns. Calibration, what does it involve? How does it work, How often should we have it done, Hydraulic Test Tagging, what is it?  How do I choose the right tool for our application?  If we rent hydraulic torque wrenches can we turn it into purchase ? Is it better to hire hitorque multipliers or purchase. If we hire torque nutrunners how do they work ? Where can we purchase Air nut runners. who can we purchase Rad Torque tools from suppliers Rad Torque who are the suppliers Hydraulic Torque tools Suppliers Pneumatic Torque tools Buy Nut Runner torque tools repair air torque tools repair hydraulic hytorc suppliers of torque tools torque equipment supply suppliers where are they , buy porta power Purchase Porta power rams 10 ton. Distributors torque tools distributor pneumatic nutrunners calibrate torque tools. hitork multiplier rent or buy ??

What method of bolt tightening do mining, power generation or  petrochemical refineries use? Why are there different methods.  Should we purchase or rent torque tooling?  Are impact sockets required for torque?  What brands should I avoid! Can rattle guns achieve torque? What tool features are necessary? Can my hytorc pump run rams? Should we use 2:1 or 4:1 hoses on hire high torque pumps.  If we rent hitorcs wa is hydraulic or air multipliers best ? Can my hitorc wa be changed to air. Where can I buy hytorques hydraulic Torque wrenches best Torque tool top 10 torque tools buy local torque tool tool hire. hytorc repair who can center with calibration facilities ? hytorc wa repairs , can my pump run huck, hytorc multipliers & rams ? What are the best tools for Cat, Komatsu, Liebherr, Terrex & LeTourneau machines ? Power Team or Enerpac rams ? hytorc suppliers offer local calibration. Pneumatic Torque runners or rad ?

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